AIGA West Michigan’s 2021 Mentorship Program

AIGA West Michigan is thrilled to be launching our second Mentorship Program this upcoming February. We learned so much from our pilot program last spring (read about it here), and we can’t wait to bring our new and improved program to life in just a few months. 

Some key differences with this year’s program are optional meeting resources for participants looking for more structure in their meetings. We will have higher communication expectations for our team members and participants and we also plan to post more updates on social media. These are just a few changes we have decided to make after last year’s program. 

So, whether you are a designer looking to give back to the community, offer insights, and valuable career advice or a designer just starting up and you want to learn from someone who’s been there too, then we invite you to join our group of mentors/mentees!

The program is a 4-month experience that pairs designers to learn together, energize each other, and make the West Michigan design community more inclusive and supportive.

Interested in participating? Applications are officially live. Mentors click HERE. Mentees click HERE.


Is this for me?

Yes, it is. It all depends on which side you’d like to be in. Here are some criteria to help you decide where you will fit best:

Mentors: Do you have 5+ years of experience in the design field? Then your wisdom and advice is appreciated. You can participate as a mentor, apply here!

Mentees: Are you graduating from design school or a design bootcamp? Do you have less than five years of experience? Are you considering a career change? Is your head full of uncertainty and questions about the future (trust us, we have all been there)? We can help. Participate as a mentee, apply here!

And how long will this last?

The program will last from the beginning of february to mid-May. We ask for your full commitment in this relationship for these four months of the year.

However, each relationship will be unique between mentors and mentees. You will set your goals together. We only expect that you meet virtually at least once a month, four times total, and keep in touch online (email, Slack, etc).

What is the cost?

The program is free for mentors. We thank them for their time commitment and their valuable help. Mentees who are AIGA members pay a $10 fee. Non-members pay a $40 fee. The funds will help support the program’s events and its cost. We encourage all participants to support it and its future by becoming an AIGA member. Not a member but want to be? Join here!

All right. I can do it. How do I apply?

To apply, complete the online application form. Applications will be used to make the best matches possible. Matching will be based on the number of participants and their interests. Participants will be notified by January 18th and meet your partner at our kick-off event on February 3rd. The program will be limited to 10 pairs.

Excuse me… I still have questions

Of course! Please contact the Mentorship Chair Shandon Cardosa to learn more. 

And one more thing…

By applying to the program, you agree to the AIGA Code of Conduct.


By AIGA West Michigan
Published December 9, 2020