Teen Zine Workshop – Holland

Illustrate a funny story or joke with a ZINE. This is an introductory workshop for those 12+. The workshop is designed to share the history, process and purpose behind Zines. Participants will discover the basics behind Zine publishing, ranging from assembly and defining content to honing drawing techniques and printing options.

The workshop will be led by members of AIGA West Michigan, the professional association for design in West Michigan

Workshop duration: 90 Minutes
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Alysha Lach
Alysha Lach is a freelance illustrator and designer based in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. While attending Kendall College of Art and Design she began running her own illustration business. The focus of her current work is visual storytelling; whether that be through comics, story boarding, or graphic recording at lectures or in group ideation meetings. She is passionate about visualizing the messages and ideas of others. When she is allowed time to play and experiment with her personal work, she reaches for watercolor and pastels.

Rodney Tucker
Rodney S. Tucker is an artist based in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. His illustration pieces are inspired by the boldness of historical iconic figures, the stunning display of strength and finesse that is generated by the human athlete, the beauty and rawness of different cultures and everyday life. A large proportion of Mr. Tucker’s work are character driven with the usage of vibrant colors. The artist continues to aim for growth and intelligence in his work, while welcoming the challenge of making positive contributions to the community of creative professionals

Kevin White
Kevin White is a senior visual designer for Visualhero, freelance illustrator and member of the AIGA West Michigan Diversity Committee. His career began before college as a layout artist newspaper and grown to design work for such companies as Apple, Google, Disney, Nike, and NPR. Kevin’s specialty includes UX, UI Design, Illustration, Creative Direction, Project Management, Photography, and Higher Education Instruction/Development.

When & Where
Sat, Mar 7, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST
Herrick District Library
300 S River Ave
Holland, MI 49423