Mental Health for Creatives Series Presents: Creativity and Mental Health

Jamal Fisher of MINDCATAPULT, a Grand Rapids therapy practice that specializes in working with creatives and designers, will discuss how to address mental issues that stall our creative processes. Jamal will explore the current state of COVID-19 and its impact on creative mental health. He will also discuss what to look for in a mental health provider when you are a creative person.

About Jamal

Jamal Fisher is a fully licensed master-level social worker (LMSW) at MINDCATAPULT. Jamal has worked in the behavioral health field since 2010, has extensive experience working in mental healthcare and has experience working with people of all backgrounds. Jamal aims to create a safe, supportive, empathetic, and validating environment for the clients that he sees.

Jamal’s areas of expertise include the following: anxiety/stress disorders, co-dependency issues, coping with chronic medical conditions, depression, issues facing African-Americans & people of color, issues facing the LGBT+ population, mood disorders, panic disorders, pornography/sexual addiction issues, and social phobias.


Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, MINDCATAPULT helps clients improve their emotional wellness. By putting the time into understanding the industries and spaces our clients work in, MINDCATAPULT provides an intentional experience to its clients. We specialize in working with artists, designers, engineers, innovators, physicians and small business owners. We bring years of behavioral health experience combined with an understanding of the unique demands creatives and medical professionals face. We recognize the proprietary nature of the work you do and the sensitivity that is innate to being a creator/fixer, so your confidentiality is most important to us.

When & Where
Thu, Mar 11, 2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM EST