Elyse Flynn
Elyse believes life is better spent collaborating. She has served on the AIGA West Michigan board as a Programming Chair and 2015 Leadership Retreat Chair before her current role as Secretary. Currently the majority of her time is spent working as the Associate Creative Director at Design Design, a Grand Rapids-based social expression company, and a studio member at Not Design. As a creative her favorite special skills include: traditional letterpress printing and hand-drawn typography.
Lee May
Vice President
Lee is the Creative Design Manager at USA Financial in Ada. He received a BFA in Design at the University of Michigan and graduated with an MAAE at the School of the Institute of Chicago. He’s been a member of the WM AIGA Diversity + Inclusions committee and was a member of the Grand Rapids Young Professional’s PR committee. Lee is passionate about design, education and the arts and hopes to integrate it within the Grand Rapids community. He also loves working on his cartoons and illustrations for his social media fans.
Chris Chiles
Chris is a user experience designer and developer. As a Design Engineer at OpenDigital, he helps to solve problems in technology through the synthesis of design and development. He also works to improve collaboration between these disciplines. Outside of the office, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Erin, and son, Bennett.
Sheri Nicholson
Sheri is a Senior In-house Creative Strategist at Advance 360 in Grand Rapids, MI. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design magna cum laude from Western Michigan University, she has spent over twenty years developing and refining her graphic design experience with diverse positions ranging from Environmental Graphic Designer to Project Manager to Vice President at Corbin Design. Sheri is excited to dive into serving AIGA West Michigan and stretch her left brain in this Treasurer role. As a transplant to Grand Rapids, she looks forward to advancing and supporting the design community, getting to know others who are passionate about design, and being a fiscally responsible steward. When not immersed in design and numbers, she loves outdoor adventures, electronic downtempo music, and her two fantastic felines.
Naomi Silas
Diversity & Inclusion Director
Naomi is all things creative. From writing, to singing to designing - she’s done it all and sometimes the creativity just overflows. During her 10 years of design experience, she had the opportunity to to work on some amazing brands, such as GE Healthcare and Coalesse. She is  excited to apply everything she’s learned to her independent design studio, Seventh Creative and client work. Naomi has served on the AIGA WM Diversity & Inclusion committee for almost two years, before stepping up to take the role of Director. Naomi is also one of four 2017 AIGA Design Conference Diversity and Inclusion Scholars. When not designing, she loves to spend time with her family and helps her son use design thinking to solve problems. You also might just find her at a local park playing basketball or baseball with her husband and son.
Sara Klele
Programing Director
Sara is the founder and lead designer of Neapolitan & Co, an independent design firm located in Grand Rapids. Before her current role as Programming Director she served as the first Design Week Chair for AIGA West Michigan. In her free time, Sara tries to see as many concerts as possible and explore the great outdoors.
Jean Strate
Education Director
Jean is lead graphic designer at Stiles Machinery and also works on freelance projects within the community. She enjoys collaborating with a variety of vendors, agencies and marketing professionals to drive creative solutions. An active mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, she has a desire for helping others achieve their goals. Prior to the Education Director role, Jean served on the Membership Committee.
Joe Becker
Communications Director
Joe is a Detroit expatriot who brings hard work and thoughtful decisions to West Michigan design. Joe put his BFA to good use over the past 22 years and has worked as a Graphic Designer and a Creative Director across Michigan. Joe currently works as the International E-Commerce Marketing Manager for Cat Footwear at Wolverine Worldwide in Rockford, and has held positions at QLTD in Ann Arbor, Carhartt in Dearborn, and Marketing Associates in Detroit. A transitional designer that embraces change and technology, Joe thrives on new ways to communicate, loves design (from keylining to coding) and hopes he can pay it forward.
Lydia Mejia
Student Representative
Lydia is in her senior year at Kendall College of Art and Design, working towards a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography. She is currently interning with Chaco on their Color Trend and Design team. She has been serving on KCAD AIGA’s board as Education Chair for two years, and been an AIGA member for three. Lydia is very excited about her new role as Student Representative, and can’t wait to see how she can impact this community. She is also an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast.