West Michigan
John O'Neill

John O’Neill is the Principal and Creative Director of Conduit. Since 2008 he has been on the board of AIGA WM  and is one of its founding board members. John has an undergraduate degree in Visual Communications and a Master in Design, both from Kendall College of Art and Design.

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Taylor Vanden Hoek
Vice President

Taylor is a user experience designer who helps organizations design and visualize their business offering and brand identity in ways that resonate. Experienced in both agency and consulting engagements, Taylor has led design teams and facilitated collaborative engagements while also becoming sought after by executives for her ability to help them communicate their ideas.

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Jenny VanBemmelen

Jenny received her Bachelor and Master of Business Administration from Davenport University. While finishing up school, Jenny was hired as an intern at Hungerford Nichols. The internship turned into a full-time position and she have been with the firm for the past four years. Her services at the firm include employee benefit plan audits and tax return preparation. In her free time, Jenny love spending time outdoors, especially near the lakeshore in the summer. She also enjoys spending time with my family and friends.

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Carlos Estrada
Diversity + Inclusion Director

Carlos is an information design consultant for Herman Miller. Serving as Diversity + Inclusion Director for AIGA West Michigan and on AIGA National: Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. His background is in publishing. Carlos values risk, commitment and collaboration to create fruitful relationships. Living on the Lakeshore of West Michigan, he also enjoys working on stage as an emcee and comic.

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Elyse Flynn
Communications Director

Elyse believes life is better spent collaborating. She has served on the AIGA West Michigan board as a Programming Chair and 2015 Leadership Retreat Chair before her current role as Secretary. Currently the majority of her time is spent working as the Associate Creative Director at Design Design, a Grand Rapids-based social expression company, and a studio member at Not Design. As a creative her favorite special skills include: traditional letterpress printing and hand-drawn typography.

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Adriane Johnson
Membership Director

Adriane started her journey with AIGA West Michigan in March of 2015 and has been active with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee with our organization, only to now act as our member director. Human interaction, visual thinking, and creative designing are her love and passions, and by combining these attributes about herself, she has created an energetically, engaging opportunity to help people find what speaks for, and, to them, through visual and verbal communication.

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Sara Klele
Programing Director

Sara is the founder and lead designer of Neapolitan & Co, an independent design firm located in Grand Rapids. Serving as the first Design Week Chair for AIGA West Michigan, Sara has collaborated with other local designers and businesses to organize West Michigan Design Week which celebrates its 3rd year in April, 2016. In her free time, Sara tries to see as many concerts as possible and explore the great outdoors.

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Sarah Meinel
Sponsorship Director

Sarah Meinel is a nonprofit professional with expertise in programming and client services, currently serving as Program Manager at Center for Women in Transition. With an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and a B.A. in Psychology, Sarah has a broad range of experience in both the creative and nonprofit arenas and leads multi-disciplinary teams skillfully. Born and raised in West Michigan, Sarah is passionate about professional charitable work that strengthens our community.

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Jean Strate
Education Director

Jean is lead graphic designer at Stiles Machinery and also works on freelance projects within the community. She enjoys collaborating with a variety of vendors, agencies and marketing professionals to drive creative solutions. An active mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, she has a desire for helping others achieve their goals. Prior to the Education Director role, Jean served on the Membership Committee.

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Kyle Rice
Student Representative

Kyle lives in a world of curiosity and exploration as a design student at Ferris State University. As the Vice President—and now President—of his local AIGA Student Group, he looks towards making an impact in the design community by offering new insights and new conversations. Kyle believes that design should consist of more fun with less of the work, because when work becomes work, it is no longer fun.

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