We’re looking for a few good men(tors)
Mentorship—there’s nothing like it, and nothing more important to an emerging designer’s career path.

All of us have someone in our professional lives who helped make us who we are and get us where we are, someone who stepped up and stepped in at a critical time in our lives when we were unsure, had a lot of questions, and needed encouragement and guidance in making some of the most important decisions we’d ever been faced with making.

Our local students and emerging designers need your experience, strength, connections, and resources in order to learn, grow, and ultimately make a difference with their passion and talent. As a mentor you can:

  • Give back—encourage, inspire, influence, teach
  • Get back—renewed passion, connection, inspiration, new perspectives
  • Cultivate a better, stronger design community in West Michigan and beyond
  • Model the knowledge, work ethic, and process you’d like to see in your future employees



Whether you’re interested in a long- or short-term mentorship relationship, we need to hear from you as we begin to recruit and build our forces. We are just getting started and trying to compile a list of potential mentors for the upcoming 2013-14 year, so if you think you might be interested, please send your name, title, employer, and preferred contact information as well as the time commitment that works best for you ASAP to mentorship@westmichigan.aiga.org.



The mentorship program will kick off in the fall, but the bulk of your commitment would be throughout the months of January through April. You and your mentee(s) will set your own schedule and goals, and the amount of time you spend together will be completely up to you, meeting as little as once a month or as often as once a week.

In addition to the longer-term relationship-building commitment as described above there will be opportunities to mentor in a short-term capacity by participating in an individual event or two throughout the year with a simple time commitment of a few hours at most.

By AIGA West Michigan
Published August 21, 2013