Weekend Blitz 2015 Recap

What a weekend it’s been! This year Weekend Blitz hosted 5 organizations, 38 creatives (18 returning), 6 advisors, Over a dozen of support volunteers and an overwhelming 1,128 hours donated.

Each year of Weekend Blitz has proven to be slightly different and this year is no exception. This year we were privileged to be able to host 5 organizations serving the West Michigan community. Each engaged with Weekend Blitz by outlining very different needs from campaign development, digital interaction design and development, and visual communications. We anticipated that some of these needs would be refined and potentially refocused upon more discovery and understanding, especially as teams continued to build empathy towards the organization’s realities.

What we witnessed throughout the course of the weekend was each and every team dedicating considerable time to strategic designs around core messaging and communication methods. They demonstrated that our Grand Rapids design community is growing and evolving to integrate multiple design processes such as user experience design, human centered design, along with design thinking, all within the constraints of a 3-day design blitz. That’s no small task!

We’re excited to embrace this growth as Design For Good continues to reflect the ever-changing landscape of individuals capabilities and methodologies. In light of this, next year Weekend Blitz will continue to evolve into an event that not only supports amazing organizations, but reflects the design community’s current interests and practices.

Stay tuned here to see the progress and work created for each organization throughout the Weekend Blitz.

By Taylor Vanden Hoek
Published April 21, 2015