Gwen O’Brien Pulls Up Another Chair

Just when we all thought Gwen couldn’t take on another leadership role, here she is all set to become President’s Council Chair for AIGA in June. We have a good idea of what this means for her—more work, more fun, more meetings, more travel—but let’s take a look at what it means for us, meaning AIGA West Michigan. We can think of two things.

The first is perspective. As a leader in one of the fastest growing AIGA chapters, Gwen brings a passion for design as we practice it in West Michigan to the national AIGA table. She can clue them in on what it means to create a place where design can be discovered, discussed, understood, and appreciated.

Second is experience, not so much in running a great AIGA chapter, although that’s important too, but in running a creative shop that’s on the, shall we say, lean side. AIGA national has its share of loud talkers from big agencies and large design firms, but it can always benefit from the experience Gwen has in running Plenty with Dottie Rhodes. That experience will go a long way in helping the AIGA Board know what’s important to the smaller shops, whose designers make up a sizable proportion of the membership.

So the next time you see Gwen, congratulate her on this new leadership role. But, please, don’t ask her to take on anything else—not just yet.

By AIGA West Michigan
Published January 9, 2015