Diversity and Inclusion Mini Summit

Diversity and Inclusion is at the forefront of many organizations’ efforts as of late—AIGA included. This past year, AIGA National pulled together creatives from around the country who are passionate about this topic to form the AIGA Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce, with a mission of:

“Encouraging diversity in design education, discourse and practice to expand the future strength and relevance of design in all areas of society.”

This year the AIGA Leadership Retreat will host the first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Mini Summit lead by Antionette Carroll and co-facilitated by our very own Diversity Director, Carlos Estrada. This general session will be attended by all leadership retreaters in an effort to kick-start the conversation of diversity in design throughout AIGA’s 69 chapters.

Why is the field of design 93% white? Why doesn’t every chapter have a diversity director? Is there a voice for minorities and diversity among your design community?

These are the questions we aim to find answers and solutions to within this mini-summit. It is time to start the discussion, share ideas, and take action toward a more inclusive and diverse design community.

Here at AIGAWM, we have a few areas of focus in our efforts to create an inclusive design community.

Local: To begin change, we must first define what diversity and inclusion means to AIGAWM. How do we see our design community changing, and how will we affect the future of AIGAWM?

Education: The best way to shape our community is to influence and inspire those who will be the future. By reaching out to underrepresented communities and students we can share what design as a career is and the importance of design in all aspects of life.

Collaboration:  To further build diversity and inclusion, we aim to partner and collaborate with the community at large. Creating connections and fostering relationships with diverse organizations will help our community and AIGA to build a better, more inclusive future.

If you have questions or would like more information about AIGAWM diversity efforts please contact Carlos Estrada at carlos.estrada@westmichigan.aiga.org.


By AIGA West Michigan
Published May 18, 2015