AIGA 101: School’s Back in Session

August is making its yearly debut, and the start of school is visible on the horizon. New and returning students gear up for full days, late nights, and opportunities galore. For students of a more creative caliber, the AIGA will act as a window of opportunity. While AIGA membership may not count for school credit, it sure does cost less while equipping students with plenty of insight, connections and experience. Now with AIGA West Michigan in their corner, AIGA student groups have the wherewithal to do big things.

Last year rocked – indeed, it was a great time to be a student! Connections between the universities in West Michigan began to blossom with collaborative events on their campuses. Students attended design conferences and got out there, traveling to places like New York and Chicago. Kendall students were able to use their mad skills on real world projects; they collaborated on the design of this past years Addy’s. The Grand Valley chapter seamlessly put on exhibits worthy of discussion. Ferris students invited everyone to join them for a large-scale UX/UI workshop, and with great delight, joined forces with Western students when Western brought Paul Sizer to teach everyone a thing or two about digital illustration.

So, hey – let’s keep this momentum going! With strong student leadership, this is THE year for collaboration, setting monster goals, and having some serious fun. In coming years, student groups will continue to work together to make the most of student membership by sharing best practices, working together to bring in big name speakers and workshops, and make connections in the terrifying – yet exciting real world, all while forming friendships with peers across the state.

Just remember, what people say about the AIGA is most certainly true; you get out what you put in. Now put on your party pants on and immerse yourself – things are only getting better.

Student advisors and student executive board members – keep this on your radar. We’re planning a get together this fall to talk student leadership and the available AIGA West Michigan student representative board position.

By AIGA West Michigan
Published August 4, 2014