West Michigan

Election Process
The nominating committee that shall nominate the Board of Directors shall consist of the following: the current President, a past President, at minimum one current director, at minimum one advisory board member, and at minimum one member at large.

Duty of the Nominating Committee
The nominating committee will select the best candidates for the Executive Board (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) from the AIGA West Michigan membership, reflecting diversity of the profession. A call will be made to the membership (via the chapter’s website) for additional submissions prior to the preparation of a slate; members can nominate other members or themselves. (Candidates for the President and Vice President must have served on the board as a Director for at least two years to be eligible.)

The vote on the slate
A slate of the Executive Board will then be prepared by the nominating committee that will be sent by email or by mail to the general membership for a vote and posted on the AIGA West Michigan website. A majority is required for the vote to be valid.

Timeline of nomination process
The nomination process shall begin in the beginning of the calendar year. It is the responsibility of the President to begin this process. The nominating committee shall be formed by February. The slate shall go out to the membership at large no later than March. A vote must be taken no later than April 15. New directors and officers will officially take their posts by June 1. Prior to new directors and officers taking their posts, new directors and officers will collaborate with outgoing directors and officers to ensure a smooth transition.